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Additional information about Operational Research is available from the OR Society, the world's oldest learned society catering for the OR profession.  The OR computer key and the OR Inside graphics are freely available to download from their website.

We are members of the Surrey Chambers of Commerce.

The Institute of Logistics and Transport promotes an awareness of the importance of logistics and transport in the economic and social life of the UK and beyond.  With a focus on the system-wide movement of people, goods and information, members assist governmental and commercial policy development in these areas.

SAS® software addresses four common data requirements - data access, data management, data analysis and data presentation.  The software is licensed on a modular basis and we have extensive knowledge of Base SAS (including SAS Macros and SQL), SAS/FSP, SAS/GRAPH and SAS/STAT.

We are associate members of the Lancaster Centre for Forecasting which is a research centre for the study of forecasting problems in business and economics.  The centre has the goal of establishing Lancaster University as the pre-eminent focus of forecasting research in Europe.

Andalus Solutions carries Professional Indemnity Insurance for OR consultancy and software supply in all member states of the European Union, supplied by Icon Insurance.

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